LoLa concert between Azerbaijan and Estonia: world premiere

19. december 2019

LoLa concert will be held at the Baku Academy of Music on 20 December 2019. Speeches by high-level guests and performances by artists in Baku and Tallinn, Estonia, connected via R&E networks with LoLa (low latency) technology will complete the event.  In Estonia the usage of LoLa technology is enabled by EENet of HITSA.

The concert will be held within EapConnect project and with the technical support provided by AzScienceNet Research and Education Network in Baku, Azerbaijan and EENet Research and Education Network in Tallinn, Estonia.

Kristina Lillemets, manager of HITSA's infrastructure: "I believe this concert shows how people, technology and networks together can accomplish great things. At EENet of HITSA, we are delighted to support and provide the connectivity to enable such achievements."

‘Connecting Traditions’ LoLa concert between Azerbaijan and Estonia
20 December 18:00 (EST 16:00)
Baku, Azerbaijan

LoLa (low latency) technology tool enables real time musical performances where musicians are physically located in remote sites (up to 5000 km) connected by advanced network services with no significant distortion or delay.

For the first time LoLa technology was introduced in Estonia in a concert “Music without Borders” on 5 October 2017.



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